these bilingual culture flash cards and logo I made for BilinguaLogo are served as therapy material for speech therapist with bilingual turkish-speaking patients who need to learn their language again, e.g. after a stroke.
 there are currently 21.2 million people with a migration background living in germany. that makes up 23.6% of the total population of germany. 13.3% of this population has turkish roots (federal statistical office, 2019). therefore, the relevance of multilingualism in speech therapy is growing, as the proportion of people with a migration background in germany continues to rise. 
however, many of the motifs are also known in the balkans, `central asia` and `middle east`. crazy to believe that something like this hadn´t existed in germany before. I illustrated 30 picture cards with culture-specific foods- from ayran to baklava- with correct pronunciation with turkish phonetic alphabet on every card on the back. I also picked some illustrations for the packaging design.
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